How to Find Your Style Uniform

Next week I’ll be the guest of a new show called, Living the Life. The vibe feels similar to that of The View—I love a good girl talk, so I’m excited to be a part of the mix.

This will be my first time on live TV; let’s hope they don’t have to bring out the long cane and pull me off camera! (You know, because I might talk too long…or maybe not enough—which would definitely be the more awkward of the two scenarios.)

In prepping for this episode about uniform dressing, a few things came to mind:

1. When you become a mom, you have to be more strategic about dressing.

I didn’t love this change in my life. I’m much more of a mood dresser—let’s see how I feel in the morning and go from there. Taking this approach to getting dressed requires TIME. It’s also nice to have an environment free from distractions. Also, not commonly found in mom life! And so, I naturally found myself wearing a repetitive look.

2. Approaching each season with an action plan = less chaos and more confidence in your garb.

If you don’t want to spend tons of time scoping out the newest arrivals and being immersed in the world of fashion (since you’re on a personal stylist’s blog, you’d probably rather I do it for you. :)) than this is the way to tackle your outfits. What does your summer look like? Are you predominately spending time boating/being outside/unplugged from the world? Is your schedule packed with parties and events both day and night? Even if you’re looking for a summer wardrobe that works simply for running errands around town, having a go-to look simplifies your life.

Exhibit A: Jennifer Aniston
While her style isn’t super exciting (to me), everyone can agree she has a recognizable uniform. It’s boot cut jeans, a t-shirt, belt and boots. In the summer: sub in shorts and wedge sandals. The max we see re: details is a scarf (airports) or a simple necklace. It works and that is an accomplishment!

neutral wedge sandals, brown belt, white jean shorts, straw hat, aviator sunglasses, grey t-shirt

Photo: polyvore

Jennifer Aniston's travel style

Photo: pinterest

Exhibit B: Eva Mendes
Though she too hasn’t been photographed a lot lately, when you hear her name, don’t you picture her in a feminine dress? Usually with a waist defining belt in a flattering 50s silhouette.

Eva Mendes 2015

3. What’s your “uniform” or as I like to say, your go-to?

WhoWhatWear laid it out best by asking yourself these 3 questions:

  • In what outfit do you feel your absolute best?
  • What do you have a lot of in your closet?
  • What types of pieces excite you? (i.e. The shoes/jewelry/skirts/top/jeans that make you go “Ooooh, I want THAT!”)

Re: #2, I realized that I treat red shoes as a neutral, as it’s the color I most often wear.


red hunter boots, red Nike, red slipper shoes, red stripe Dr. Scholl's, red Frye sandals

Please excuse the dirty boots. Hard at work in my garden!


I’ll post a clip from the show after it’s aired. If you’re a local Detroiter, you can watch the episode and see the beautiful examples of different types of style uniforms on Fox 2 News at 11:30 am on Monday, June 20th.

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