About Lena & DRESS

Lena Piskorowski Porter Casa Delfino Crete, Greece 2012Lena Porter is a co-author of the book, My Style, My Way and the founder of DRESS, a fashion consulting company. She is the granddaughter of Detroit dressmaker, Aniela Piskorowski. Growing up, Lena was surrounded by fabrics, patterns and women chatting as they were fitted for their couture clothing. She knows which materials are the least forgiving, what styles look best on different silhouettes and how the length of your skirt can do wonders for your look! Appreciating the uniqueness of custom apparel, Lena has collaborated with J.Hilburn men’s clothier to bring made-to-measure products to men across the United States. A regular fashion columnist and style contributor, she’s known for her witty and down-to-earth take on what’s hot, what’s not and why you shouldn’t stress out about it. A frequent traveler with a knack for discovering the unusual, she loves to share her favorite shopping finds and destination secrets.Before launching DRESS in 2009, Lena worked with Fortune 500 companies on their brand identity through custom apparel, employee uniforms and private labeling. Certified through The Style Core and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International and Fashion Group International, Lena counts among her clients entrepreneurs, professional athletes and those wanting a fresh start.Searching for a style you can embrace? Lena’s tips can be applied no matter what stage of life you are in.

 Lena Porter is certified in color and body analysis by The Style Core Lena Porter is the co-author of the book My Style, My Way