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Want A New Go-To Look? Watch This.

Here’s a clip from this week’s Living the Life episode in which I was the guest style expert. Take a look at the 4 examples of real life style uniforms. #1. fun blazer + ankle pant + simple cami + more »

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How to Find Your Style Uniform

Next week I’ll be the guest of a new show called, Living the Life. The vibe feels similar to that of The View—I love a good girl talk, so I’m excited to be a part of the mix. This will more »

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The “Me Time” Mother’s Day Giveaway

If you’ve ever found yourself left with no choice but to nurse in a dressing room or hold your baby while inside the stall of a department store restroom, you have experienced the unpleasantries of shopping with a baby. My more »

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In Memory Of My Grandmother

I’m not sure how to start this. Maybe being blunt is best? My grandmother passed away. If you are new to this site, you can read in the About page that the reason I’m in the clothing business is because more »

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Check out these 4 activewear brands

Who would have ever thought that activewear would branch into different categories? I remember when I was in high school, plain cotton sports bras, baggy t-shirts and long lacrosse shorts were our activewear. In college, for some reason, cutting the more »

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My Baby Shower

A personal post—just for fun!

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An Example of How a Guy Can Wear Joggers

Here my friend and fellow Stylist, Alvin, shows how a guy can wear joggers (i.e. dressed up sweatpants). This look isn’t for everyone, but over the past year I’ve gotten so many questions about how to pull it off, that more »

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My Favorite Winter Boots Are Clogs

Are you still wearing UGGs? Do you hate me for implying that it’s not the coolest winter choice? Unless you are living in SoCal (Jill! Sara!) we’re all pretty much looking for the same benefits in a winter boot: They more »

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$20 Off a New Pair of Jeans + Maternity Options Too

Look in your closet, at that stack of denim. How many pairs do you have? Now how many pairs do you actually wear? Maybe you don’t like the wash anymore. Maybe they haven’t fit, for awhile. Whatever the reason, if more »

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Loungewear Instead of Lingerie

Loungewear sounds so much more sophisticated than sweats, don’t you think? Since most relationships go through phases (flirting, courting, officially dating, then whichever direction you choose—moving in, getting married and so on), so to does your form of dress. Disclaimer: more »

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