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How Southern Belles Tailgate + Style Event at U of M

College football has begun and while almost every school (with a decent team) will tell you their tailgating is the most extreme and that their fans have the most fun, it’s the Southern tradition that really makes me laugh. I’ve more »

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Don’t Buy a Wedding Dress Online, Here’s Why

It’s my 1 year wedding anniversary this weekend! Can you believe it? In honor of this momentous occasion, I would like to publicly embarrass myself with a never-seen before photo of me in a horrible online wedding dress. Joy! Contrary more »

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Adventures in Japanese Raw Denim

Mike has been wearing raw denim for years now, yet I was never really intrigued with the whole idea. The concept of not washing your jeans totally turned me off. I don’t understand showering, then putting on a pair with more »

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Inspiration from Istanbul

We went on our honeymoon in August. Since then, I’ve been seeing so much about Istanbul in magazines. Maybe this is like when you never see X type of car on the road, then your friend gets that car, and more »

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Camel Coat by Bacia

My grandmother just celebrated her birthday. I’ve always spent a lot of time with her, but now, I’m more intentional about our time together. As many grandmas do, they remind you that they won’t be around forever. Mine laughs/states this more »

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“Nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

How true is the quote in the picture below? It seems, with any decision, the more options you have, the tougher it is to choose. I just got off the phone with a family member that is debating on where more »

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Gifts Fur the Season

(Mike thought of the title. :)) Yesterday, I moved the remainder of my things into our house. You have these kinds of boxes too. They’re the ones that probably haven’t been opened since the day you packed them away in more »

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How to Market Your Talents & Searching for Sugarman

The other day I saw the most incredible movie. It made me pissed, puzzled and in awe. Have you ever heard of [Sixto] Rodriguez? Probably not—most ALL of the United States hasn’t, though he is an American…and the biggest music more »

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The European Heaven & Hell

Hello from Istanbul! Tomorrow is the last day of our honeymoon. I read this in a British newspaper while on Rhodes, Greece and liked it so much, I wanted to share.  

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What I Saw in Vegas, Part I

The ‘just for fun’ post with commentaries from the week. The simplest ingredients can make something delicious when put together correctly. It’s the same with your clothes.   Do you notice how one guy pulls off the cowboy hat at more »

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