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Don’t Buy a Wedding Dress Online, Here’s Why

It’s my 1 year wedding anniversary this weekend! Can you believe it? In honor of this momentous occasion, I would like to publicly embarrass myself with a never-seen before photo of me in a horrible online wedding dress. Joy! Contrary more »

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Vegas, Part II Formal Wear at it’s Best

I said I was in Vegas for work, remember? Well here is a sneak peak inside our meeting at what we at J.Hilburn are launching for Fall/Winter (on Sept. 1!). And even better news, the personalized tuxedos are ready for more »

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My Save-the-Date Picture, Painted Over

I am getting married this summer, on an exotic island…in Detroit. For the out-of-towners reading this, it’s called Belle Isle. Back in it’s hay day Belle Isle sounded like an amazing spot: a casino, a zoo, a museum, a conservatory, more »

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Rings, Gifts and Wedding Dresses, How To Find ‘The One.’

I’m not sure where this post is going, but this ‘people being seen as clothes’ comment has been so apparent these past few days, that I can’t help but bring it to your attention. Case # 1. I just read more »

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Socks, Suits & Stitching: FAQ from the Boys

Remember in school you heard, “No question is a dumb question.” What may seem totally obvious to some is a major confusion to others. Here are some examples…because like your teacher used to say, “Someone probably has that same question.” more »

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DIY Barn Wedding

Last weekend I was ‘up north’ (Charlevoix, MI) at a wedding…on a lake, then in a barn. There’s a lot of topics to pull from here: what to wear in such an environment (type of shoes, does outdoor automatically mean more »

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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Have you seen this show? It’s on TLC. I recently watched it for the first time. At the commercial break, I looked at my friend and said, “I just realized I had my mouth open this whole time.” It is more »

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