My wife’s birthday is coming up, and she mentions all the time that she needs a personal shopper. She is an attorney who doesn’t have much time to shop for work clothes and doesn’t really enjoy shopping for work clothes (although she has no problem shopping for work out / gym clothes). For her birthday, I thought I’d see if I could get her a personal shopper. I’ve never hired one before, so can you answer a few questions? Like…

How much does it cost?

See the By Appointment page. Packages are set at a discount because they are paid in full, upfront.

Is this a one-time deal or do you do personal shopping for a period of time, such as meetings every three months, every six months, etc.?

The frequency of my help completely depends on you. Upon meeting, I’ll learn about your calendar year—conferences, vacations, parties, activities etc. In our first styling session, we’ll put together outfits for upcoming needs. I work in the current season. If you would like to do another session, that is up to you!

Do you have an initial meeting with the client to discuss their style, their wardrobe?

Before I work with someone new, she fills out my questionnaire (via email). It’s painless and very much helps in our process. Over the past decade, I’ve found that starting in the client’s closet is the best way to proceed—whether she wants to edit her wardrobe, create new outfits from what she already owns or shop for new. Once I see what we’re working with, I make a specific checklist of pieces to shop for. Shopping is overwhelming for everyone, at times, so having a plan is the way to go!

What types of places do you shop at?

We’ll shop from wherever I see fit. I realize that sounds vague, but it’s true. Your body, style and wardrobe needs dictate the brands I pull—boutiques, mass retailers, online brands, I don’t discriminate!

I am so excited; I have been wanting to hire a personal fashion consultant for years!  I feel like I have so many clothes, but so little at the same time.  Every morning I am wasting time figuring out what to wear.  How do I organize my professional vs. casual wardrobe?  How many outfits do I really need? I am the kind that says “they already saw me wearing that” and I hate repeating outfits…. Are these issues that can be addressed at our session?


I just wanted to give you a heads up, because I am just a tiny bit of a challenge. Because of my faith I choose to dress fashionably but modestly.  I also wear a headscarf (hijab) when I am out in public. I want to let you know because I have some simple restrictions to what I can/can’t wear.

No problem! I have experience dressing ALL kinds of women, including the details you just described. And actually, more and more brands are offering “modest dressing” lines—and they are stylish!