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Lena has been partnering with J.Hilburn since their early days at the start of 2009. With custom made dress shirts being the foundation of the brand, the line has expanded its range—providing performance suits, tuxedos, denim and accessories. Smart collaborations with Adriano Goldschmied (AG), DL denim and Allen Edmonds mean your professional and social wardrobes are outfitted in one easy appointment.


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An Example of How a Guy Can Wear Joggers

Lena : March 18, 2015 7:01 pm : Guy's Corner, Style Advice

Here my friend and fellow Stylist, Alvin, shows how a guy can wear joggers (i.e. dressed up sweatpants).

This look isn’t for everyone, but over the past year I’ve gotten so many questions about how to pull it off, that I thought it time to show how a real person (non-model) wears them while going about his day.

When you see mainstream brands, like Banana Republic, featuring the style, it has many men asking if it’s something they ‘can’ do. But a better question is, “Do you want to?” (Or are you just being lazy and the idea of wearing sweats and having it be acceptable is enticing.)

If you are in a non-corporate or creative environment or are an entrepreneur, this may be an option for you. Something to think about before each time you dress, “How would my client/the people I’m seeing today feel about this?” If you’re trying to win a client over or seal a deal (this includes dating) give some thought as to how you’ll be perceived, then proceed!

* Part of what makes this ensemble ‘work’ is that it’s all cotton. You don’t see Alvin grabbing one of his wool suit jackets (would look ridiculous). Also, shoes are important. He has on Cole Haans; other boots or sneakers are smart choices too—just don’t throw on wingtips or monkstraps etc. The idea is to stay casual, instead of hodge-podging your dressy + casual clothes.

white dress shirt, brown cole haan boots, Bonobos khaki jacket, black joggers

Photo Credit: Alvin Cooper III

grey and yellow plaid tie, copper tie bar, orange pocket square

Photo Credit: Alvin Cooper III

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A Blast from the Past: 3 Back-to-School Brands

Lena : August 7, 2014 6:22 pm : Guy's Corner, i love college, Marketing, Style Advice, Where To Shop

My sister is off to college this month! I remember the day she was born, so shopping for dorm stuff with her is weird, and exciting.

A few quick picks for those heading back to school…and for those of us who aren’t, but like to shop like we are [starting a new season].

1. JanSport

Just like Trapper Keepers, didn’t we all once have a JanSport bag? If you’re feeling nostalgic, you’ll be pumped to know that Madewell is doing a collaboration with JanSport on a variety of backpacks.

jansport madewell compadre backpack color: burgundy


jansport madewell compadre backpack color:  olive

2. Aritzia

This free-spirited Canadian brand came out with a playful back-to-school campaign today. As cheeky as the titles are, I’ve had all of these types in my classes. If you don’t identify with any of these 5 styles, you’re bound to find some go-tos in the Essentials section.

Aritzia models posing as student body: studious, rebellious, adventurous, flirt, most popular and essentials


Aritzia back to school looks: Essentials and Most Studious models 2014

Aritzia models posing as Most Rebellious and Most Adventurous, leather jacket, plaid shirt

Aritzia models posing as 'biggest flirt' and 'most popular' mini skirt, denim jacket

3. Nike

A recent assignment led me into Pogo where I was drawn to the, newly released from their archives, Air Jordan 3 Retro in Wolf Grey sneaks. I know very little about the sneaker head world, but these kicks are cool. While inside the shop, I learned that pre-teens, college kids and collectors are going bananas over this limited edition shoe.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Wolf Grey product shot



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Leather bow ties by ReformedSchool

Lena : March 21, 2014 1:27 pm : Custom Creations, Guy's Corner, Style Advice, Where To Shop

“Wait, is that…leather?” The knot of our fit model’s bow tie caught my attention. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so excited about something that I couldn’t wear. (I mean, yes, girls can wear bow ties—just not this girl.)

Adult Recycled Brown Tweed Bow Tie with Leather by ReformedSchool on Etsy


Last week I taught a packed New Stylist training class for J.Hilburn in Chicago. During the measurement section of the day, I demonstrate how to take a man’s 16 body measurements. After, the class pairs up and practices what they’ve learned on our fit models. Mind you, these aren’t professional models; they are current clients that live in the cities in which we’re conducting a class. I’ve met so many interesting people that have ‘modeled’ for our classes—finance guys, surfer dudes…they’ve all been different shapes and sizes—which makes for great practice!

In Chicago, I had the privilege of working alongside four gentleman who work in theater. If their physique didn’t clue you in on their profession, seeing them, subconsciously, stand in first position while having their measurements taken, would!

I learned that the bow tie wearing gentleman actually made his bow tie and has a variety that he sells on Etsy! I was totally impressed with his hobby that I wanted to let people know about it. (The price is SO reasonable that if you are a bow tie wearing guy, you can stock up on Reformed School’s selections or if you aren’t, but have wanted to try, now’s an excellent time.)

A sneak peek—check out the distressed denim, floral and love note!

a display of Adult bow ties with leather, distressed denim, floral, studs and red tartan plaid




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Cam Newton in your pants

Lena : February 28, 2014 6:55 pm : Custom Creations, Guy's Corner, Style Advice

This was the title of an email I wrote to a new client.

It unintentionally sounds sexual! (not professional) Which I thankfully realized right before sending…and therefore erased half of it. Do you write your subject before or after composing an email?

My client had selected this (gorgeous) Blue w/Light Blue Deco plaid fabric to be made into a pair of trousers by J.Hilburn. NFL quarterback Cam Newton recently wore one of our sport coats in this same material. Through experience I’ve learned that all guys like to see a visual when it comes to understanding how pieces ‘go’ together—whether he tries it on himself, or in the case of custom clothing, can see a picture of someone else in it. That’s why I wanted to send this photo; so my client could picture a piece of fabric as a fully made garment.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton wearing a J.Hilburn  blue plaid sport coat at the ESPN ESQUIRE party

photo: J.Hilburn

The title more clearly could have been Cam Newton is wearing the same fabric you picked out, only he got a sport coat made from it, not pants. That doesn’t have as nice a ring to it.

I like how Esquire Fashion Editor Nic Screws paired red, an often intimidating color for a guy to wear, with the low contrast of blue and grey. The Pro Bowl QB is wearing a dress shirt, sweater and blazer, yet he doesn’t look the least bit bulky. Take note: you can do all 3 and not look or feel stuffy. It seems many men think it has to be an either or—sport coat + shirt or sweater + shirt. If you wear a lightweight sweater underneath, there’s room for it all.

So there you go, a few tips on suit layering and an example of Cam Newton in your pants. Ha.


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David Beckham—in the nude, maybe

Lena : January 28, 2014 8:55 pm : Guy's Corner, Marketing, Stories, Where To Shop

It’s almost Super Bowl time. While getting my car fixed today, I sat next to a man who gave great detail on the Super Bowl feast he was preparing—sounded delicious. I will actually be in Denver, hopefully avoiding the craaaazy Broncos fans. (Tina, I’m sorry.)

Below is a campaign H&M is running. Two Super Bowl commercials have been created. It’s up to the public to vote online for the one you want to air: #covered or #uncovered.

Let’s be honest, Beckham is not going to be full frontal, but the cleverness of this campaign made me, of course, watch both. What a cheeky way (no pun intended :)) to promote David Beckham’s underwear collection for H&M…and draw traffic to their site, and viewers on Super Bowl Sunday. (Well, at least a few that wouldn’t watch without the enticement of Becks unclothed!)

Watch both, you know you want to!

David Beckham running and zip lining in his underwear for H&M Super Bowl commercial

David Beckham H&M underwear collection Super Bowl Commercial Photo: h&


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