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Lena has been partnering with J.Hilburn since their early days at the start of 2009. With custom made dress shirts being the foundation of the brand, the line has expanded its range—providing performance suits, tuxedos, denim and accessories. Smart collaborations with Adriano Goldschmied (AG), DL denim and Allen Edmonds mean your professional and social wardrobes are outfitted in one easy appointment.


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The Perfect Fit

Lena : October 9, 2009 5:00 am : Guy's Corner

GQ Magazine hosted a benefit last week. The event was meant to bring about awareness against puppy mills. (Although, besides the bracelets that were for sale, you wouldn’t have known that was the focus of the party.) It was held at a very swanky house in the Hollywood Hills. The invite stated the owner asked that each guest remove their shoes. I read it, but thought that was a loose request. (aka: I had no intention of not wearing my shoes- they were a major part of the outfit. :))

Sure enough, my friend & I walk in the foyer to find the walls lined with cubbies! I felt like it was preschool all over again. It was pretty funny actually. As the night progressed it felt more like an upscale prom after party- with everyone running around barefoot.

Ok, enough about feet. The thing I want to mention is fit. I really took notice of the well tailored individuals. For men & women, fit matters most. You could be wearing an extremely expensive, of-the-moment piece, but if it doesn’t fit correctly, then you don’t look good.

The easiest way to improve/polish up your look is by having a custom fitted shirt. I say this because it’s what men wear most (aside from jeans). You wear these shirts to work, to go out in, on holidays and to events, etc. Needless to say, it makes sense to have this article of clothing fit well.

Enter: J.Hilburn. This is a brand that I am proud to help build. From when I was first approached with the idea, I loved it! It was a perfect compliment to my company and there wasn’t anything like it- I knew my clients would love these made-to-measure shirts.

Sure there are other resources for custom apparel, but that involves going to a store or tailor and spending more… and waiting longer. (Trust me, I’ve done the research.)

So, why wouldn’t you want a shirt that fits exactly how you want it, looks just how you imagined and you can have me handle all the details?!

We were recently on Fox Business News:

Get on board!
(And of course, contact me with any questions.)


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Best Foot Forward

Lena : September 11, 2009 4:46 pm : Guy's Corner

Did you know fall (call it autumn if you prefer) technically begins on September 22nd? I actually did look this up. Mostly because it doesn’t yet feel like fall and as much as I want to write about the new season’s apparel, it just doesn’t feel like the right time to talk about jackets, scarves etc. But, we can talk about shoes!

Please put away the flip flops now. (Unless of course you live in Hermosa Beach, CA- where Rainbows and Havaianas are a year round staple. :)) Bring out the colder weather gear. There are all kinds of casual kicks to choose from, but today I want to talk about boots specifically. And when I say boots, I mean these:

ring wing boot


Not these:

trekking bootsfire cowboy

We’re talking about a non intensive shoe- not something you would wear trekking through the mountains. These will be your stand in for sneakers. Shoes need recovery, so rotate them and don’t have an “all purpose” shoe.

Obviously, the type of boot you choose will vary depending on where you live in the country. Where it gets cold (snows) you’ll need a tougher shoe as opposed to warmer weather areas where you can go with something lighter, such as a Chukka.

chukkachukka 2

I normally don’t name drop (promote brands), but I’m going to do so now. :)

Red Wing and Frye have always produced quality boots at a good price (mid-level range). And there are several styles by Timberland & Caterpillar that I really like this year too. (Side note: If you’re thinking, ‘Tims, really? Caterpillar, like the industrial boot?’, you are not alone; I had the same mindset but that changed once I check a few pairs out.)


To complete this semi-mountain man look (kidding!) wear them with a plaid shirt- for a very fall ‘I didn’t try too hard’ look.

(Pics courtesy of and

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What Not To Wear

Lena : August 28, 2009 2:15 pm : Guy's Corner

Probably the biggest question I get from guys is what to wear when going out. Yeah, you’re concerned about your work wear or what kind of shirt would look best with that gray suit you have. But let’s be honest, you want to look good for that special someone- whether she is in your life or you’re trying to get her to be. :)

A few quick tips so she doesn’t leave after you so generously buy her a drink: (and this is assuming that you’re not being a total creep etc.)

Get yourself some good kicks.
I’m not saying you have to spend a ton. Whether you’re sporting the after work- happy hour look (Ankle Boots), the casual feel (Dunks) or a more dressed up option (Wing Tips), invest a little in the shoes. (I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve heard: ‘nice guy, but man, his shoes were brutal!’)

Loose the sunnies.
And I don’t mean place them on the back of your head, neck etc. Put them away, you are indoors. You are not a celebrity… and only a few of them can get away with that.

Wear your shirt size.
If you have been putting in some serious time at the gym, great. Just like how you want girls to leave something to the imagination… so should you. If we can see every pec and bicep through your shirt, we’re not as interested for you to take it off.

Jewelry- less is more.
The amount you wear (whether you’re a watch guy or a watch guy +) is based on your own style. If you wear something of sentimental value, I understand- three things of personal memories, no. There’s no need for a ring on every finger; you don’t want to risk crushing someone during a handshake.

P.S. I know these are pretty broad… I’ll go into detail for each later on.

Have fun this weekend!
And good luck with the ladies. :)

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Suit Up

Lena : August 24, 2009 9:00 am : Guy's Corner

It has been requested that I write something for the guys too. Ok, fair enough, my last post was way girly.

Some guys look their best when dressed up, others when in a t-shirt, ALL when wearing a suit. There’s that sharp- pulled togetherness that can transform even the most casual guy into something that wows you.

This season there’s a lot of talk about suit options. The addiction to Mad Men for so many has had a big influence on this. Whether you’re a “special occasion/weddings only” suit wearing kind of guy, or it’s your daily attire, here are a few tips to set yourself apart.

Double-breasted styles: Be careful, these are best suited for tall, thinner frames. This style will add bulk, so if you have a wider build, opt for a single lapel jacket- 1 or 2 buttons. (It really doesn’t matter which, as you’ll only be using one [button] anyway.)

Suit- Louisvuitton

Navy: Black is basic, navy is needed. It looks better on every skin tone and is more versatile. There’s a saying in London: ‘No brown in town.’ Basically, the city is anti-brown. Say for example if you have a business meeting… you better not wear brown- people will know you’re not from the area and they’ll look at you like you didn’t get the memo. (It originates from the distinction between those who live in the city and those in the countryside.) My point is, navy is also an excellent substitute for those who think black is a little too harsh for them, and who love brown… and are traveling to London. (Loose tie-in, but you get it. :))


Add some character: You can have some fun mixing patterns and textures with your shirt and tie, but to really make a statement, try a bold pair of socks, a pocket square or a tie bar.


Jon Hamm as Don Draper00001f

P.S. I’m going to write guy specific entries on Fridays. (And still keep the Monday posts.) I know, I don’t mean to give you another thing to remember- just trying to do a little boys on one side, girls on the other. :) (Ladies, apparently the men aren’t concerned about bridesmaids styles!)

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