Personal Styling Services

One-on-One Style Sessions

Outfit Creation                                                                     

You liked your clothes when you bought them. They’re in good shape, not terribly old, but you feel there’s a better way to wear them. You would love for a pro to come in and show you HOW—to make sense of what you have, to create new looks that feel like you—outfits that fit, flatter and are right for your lifestyle.  $299

The Closet Detox

Ideal for the woman who only wears a handful of the clothes in her closet…and would love to be shown new ways to wear what she owns. Includes: editing of current season’s clothes (keep, donate & alter piles) and creating of “new” outfits—all photographed to avoid forgetfulness! $399

Personal Shopping  

Ideal for the woman who wants new clothes but doesn’t know where to go, so instead sticks to yoga pants! Includes: a Wardrobe Assessment  + Personal Shopping

Styling Packages

Closet Chic    

Do you have a closet full of clothes and “nothing to wear?” Here you get the ultimate closet experience: a Closet Detox and an Outfit Creation session. All looks will be photographed, so you can easily reference what to wear each day. Two sessions. $899

The Well-Spent Dollar

Ideal for the woman who is short on time, needs editing in her closet, thrilled to have new key pieces selected for her. Includes: a Closet Detox + Personal Shopping $999

Wardrobe Refresh

The best place to start rediscovering your style. Includes a Closet Detox, a Personal Shopping session and then an Outfit Creation service, to put your new looks together. Pictures will be taken, so you can easily reference all your outfits. $1299

* Bonus: All packages are given a copy of the book, My Style, My Way

My Style, My Way is a collection of style advice from 20 certified Image Consultants across North America. Tips range from hair styles and eyewear, to etiquette, dress codes when traveling abroad and more.