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How A Coat Should Fit

A coat, a jacket, it’s important to make sure whichever type of outerwear you have on fits. Your clothes should be doing you a favor, not hurting your chances (at a job, with a girl etc). Coats are the trickiest more »

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A Custom Shirt: Before & After

I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to picture what the finished product will look like when getting something custom made. This may help. Here are a few images of a custom shirt from start to finish. (as a swatch, a more »

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The Cupid Shuffle & Why Not To Be On Facebook

I just got back from a birthday party. What is it about the Cupid Shuffle that makes people (myself included) giddy? The steps are as simple as the Hokie Pokie yet females have a way of making the moves sassy; more »

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Detoxifying Your Closet I did a Closet Detox today for a new client. She is breaking into the acting world and wants to figure out her style/portray the right version of herself to producers. (I will let you know once more »

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Mandals Hi. After a brutal morning in which I literally watched my 6:25 AM train pass me by (I got there at 6:27), I managed to catch the next one out (four hours later), awesome. I’m actually half asleep now, more »

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Wound Fashion Show at the DIA (Detroit Institue of Art)

If you’ve never been to the DIA, go! Not only is the building itself BEAUTIFUL but the exhibits are great. (Nice adjective, huh?) Currently, the Avedon Fashion Photographs 1944-2000 exhibit is being showcased. Last Friday night’s event was comprised of more »

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J.Hilburn Party Recap

Hi. Last Saturday was the J.Hilburn Preview Party. Good times! And thank you to all the guests! I was running around most of the night, but thankfully a few shots were taken. 🙂 (See them here.) For those who weren’t more »

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These Boots Were Made For Walking

I was in Chicago last week (hello winter weather!) and I thought I’d write a little about footwear. Additionally, I’ve been asked by a reader to speak about boots so I don’t want to leave her hanging. I think being more »

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The Perfect Fit

GQ Magazine hosted a benefit last week. The event was meant to bring about awareness against puppy mills. (Although, besides the bracelets that were for sale, you wouldn’t have known that was the focus of the party.) It was held more »

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Simple Math

I’ve been using this “equation” for quite some time now. I don’t remember when it started, but I know how it did. A friend of mine was without her luggage for over a week on a trip to Europe. (The more »

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