iPhone X Versus Other Smartphones

The iPhone X is one of many revolutionary devices from Apple. It is the company’s first smartphone, mobile phone, tablet, iPod touch, and laptop. It is an amazing device that offers a unique blend of multiple technologies including internet, media, social networking, and gaming. The iPhone X comes with a larger screen that provides a wider viewing area and a sharp and wide resolution camera as well as a facial recognition system for identifying individuals.


The phone runs on the iOS operating system, which is based on iOS 9 and is free from any type of contract. This means that there are no annual fees charged for using the device and users can take the phone as long as they like for free. With the iPhone X, the user has access to more than two hundred of the top apps that are currently available on the iTunes App Store. Additionally, the latest in electric and artificial intelligence, called the “ificial intelligence” or Airi, which is available on the iPhone and its apps, helps make the phone capable of doing tasks that would have previously been considered impossible for a phone to handle.

Although the iPhone X has many advanced features and functions compared to previous iPhones, some of its biggest competitors include the Amazon Kindle, Samsung’s Galaxy S, Google’s Android ecosystem, and the HTC Desire. However, the biggest differentiating factor between the iPhone X and its competitors is the use of Apple’s latest operating system, iOS. Apple’s brand of control over its products and services such as the iPhone has helped the company to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of mobile devices. There is no doubt that the iPhone X will set the bar for future smartphones. With its larger and clearer screen, along with a host of new features, the iPhone X is definitely a must-have product.