Review of the Riviiew Phone

riview phone

Review of the Riviiew Phone

The Riview Phone has a nice little feature set that caters to its users’ desire for versatility. First off the handset offers two modes which are Super AA and Super Low AA. In these modes there is a reduced power consumption on the phone so battery life will be much longer. There is also a night mode which will automatically turn the phone off when you are asleep. One feature that really caught my attention was the ability for users to speak to the person in the office who was my direct opposite.

As with any phone of this caliber you can use Google Voice mail to send voice mails. I also enjoy having the ability to check my email, text and also access my calendar. It makes scheduling things such as flights much easier to do from my phone. The touch screen on the Riview Phone offers a nice size and interface for anyone to utilize. You have the option of having either a keyboard or a stylus on this phone as well.

One of the biggest complaints I have heard about the Riview Phone is that it lacks any sort of external memory. Since I carry many personal documents and photos on the phone, this was a real problem for me. The built in memory only holds enough to hold a few large files like text and your everyday email. The screen is small and easy to press but can get hard if you are typing fast. Luckily there is an expandable memory card which can easily be added to the phone. Other than the lack of memory, the phone is also fairly simple to use overall and does not have any major flaws.