Riview Phone System For Your Business

The Riview Phone System is an effective solution for small businesses in the U.S.T. It includes both hardware and software to help you start up a call center from your own office or home computer. This software allows you to create virtual extensions, also known as Virtual Office Assistants, which can be placed throughout the office or outside depending on your requirements. These extensions are easy to use and have all the features of a standard telephone.

riview phone

With the Riview Phone System you no longer have to worry about being on the road or having your hands full with long distance calls that take valuable time away from productive work. Calls can be routed through an assigned toll free number that allows you to control which calls are made from your personal computer. Virtual office assistants are simple to contact and have the same professional appearance of a real person. By controlling the volume of the speaker phone, you can easily mute individual calls and filter calls according to time, caller or extension.

For businesses, this system is a cost effective solution that keeps employees productive while not disrupting the office environment. There are no long distance charges because calls are routed through a toll free number. This option allows you to control which employees receive phone calls and where they receive them through pre-arranged extensions. The Riview Phone System can be installed within minutes and provides multiple call levels, mute, call conferencing and so much more. It is an affordable way to increase productivity, save money, while freeing up your schedule to handle other important tasks.