The Evolution of the Smartphone

What are smartphone? Smartphones are a recent invention that combine both cell phone and personal computing functions in a single unit. Almost all modern smartphones are equipped with the hardware to access the Internet, including the processing power, memory and screen resolution necessary for web browsing and downloading. In some cases, certain phones have the hardware to run other operating systems as well, such as Blackberry. This is one reason why smartphone popularity has been increasing in the last few years.


One of the advantages of using a smartphone over a traditional cell phone is its mobility. With a mobile phone, you can only move from one place to another by using a separate phone or by physically taking your unit with you. With a smart phone, however, you can access websites, send and receive text messages, use your camera and check your emails from any place at any time. Even if you are traveling abroad, you can use your smartphone to send and receive messages and other items through local mobile networks.

The downside of a smartphone is its lack of a physical keyboard. Although some devices, like the Android models, include a physical keyboard, the most common response is through the use of the on screen keyboard that looks like a bar code or a thumbs up/thumbs down gesture. However, if you want to enter a specific number or enter a special character, you will need to type the number or character into a keyboard to get it done. Another drawback of a smartphone is that you cannot see the screen of the unit when you are holding it in your hand; this is why most people use a stylus, or an item that acts like a stylus.