Experience the Revolutionary Benefits of a Smartphone


Experience the Revolutionary Benefits of a Smartphone

A smartphone is a small portable electronic device which combines digital phone and internet/ smartphone functions into a single device. It has the ability to function as both a communication device and a computer at the same time, thanks to the multi-touch display screen, camera and other additional features that are integrated in most modern smartphones. Most modern smartphones come with the default camera and GPS navigation installed in them; however, there are several additional ones that come with more advanced features, such as the Bluetooth and USB connectivity that allow users to transfer data to their computers and other devices and even play games.

With more people owning smartphones, there are more options for users to purchase new smartphones with different capacities, display sizes, processing speeds and memory capacity. Some of the popular brands of smartphones available in the market include Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Apple and Windows Phone 7. While there are several brands available in the market, some of the most popular smartphones have been launched under the brand of Windows Phone, such as the Nokia E71 and the HTC Desire HD.

Users can download the free Software update application from the Windows Store to upgrade their existing smartphones. The software helps the first smartphone users enjoy additional features that come along with their new cell phone, such as the Microsoft Office apps that are preinstalled in the smartphones and the Microsoft-powered calculator and Address book. These apps can be used for making calculations, viewing the address book, searching for a place or adding a new contact to the contact database. Other popular apps that are available for download on the smartphones include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as the popular Android apps such as Ice Cream and Jelly Bean.