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Every marketer desires to obtain all of the benefits of Instagram for their commercial enterprise.

With over 1 billion month-to-month active customers and over 500 million day by day active users.

Instagram has come an extended manner because it originated in 2010, and businesses are beginning to take word.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, noticed so much ability within the platform and the blessings…

…of Instagram that he sold it out just 18 months after it launched for $1 billion, and the platform has persevered to grow on the grounds that.

Businesses have started out to react more and more to this rapidly growing platform.

And, in case you analyze the top one hundred manufacturers within the international, ninety% of them have an Instagram account.

With such a lot of brands and companies on Instagram, you will be questioning, “There must be a few incentive for them to continually use Instagram.

But is it sincerely simply to put up some cool photographs in their emblem?”

Not pretty.

As demonstrated by using a number of the top brands within the international (in addition to by a number of the small to mid-sized groups that LYFE Marketing works with!).

There are several straight forward strategies to generate sales, leads, and extra through Instagram.

However, Instagram remains a enormously new platform (in comparison to other social media websites), and new app updates are rolling out all of the time.

So how do you stay updated and capitalize on all the new functions? What do all of the advantages of Instagram include and how do you tap into them?

Whether you’re new to the platform or whether you’re seeking to better your current account, you could simply be normal wondering where to begin.

Well, not to worry. We’ve put together the pinnacle benefits of Instagram for enterprise and the way to use them in your advantage.

10 Major Benefits Of Instagram For Brands & Businesses

Purchasing Power

Advanced Targeting Options


Extra Features For Business Profiles

Ability To Reach Untapped Customers

Quality Brand Building

Better Brand-Follower Relationships

Understanding Your Customer Base

Visual Appeal

Easy Coordination With Your Other Marketing Efforts

1. Purchasing Power

Did you already know that over ⅓ of Instagram customers have used the app to purchase a product online?

With the income power that Instagram holds, you don’t want to overlook out on this platform.

At the cease of the day, income are what most commercial enterprise owners are striving for, and it’s no exclusive in terms of the blessings of Instagram.

Sales guide the lowest line, and looking to discover ways to boom income is probably the principle cause you’re reading this weblog! And we don’t blame you.

It’s important to recognize that what you’re making an investment in is well worth it (aka goes to provide a go back in your funding)!

So how really worth it’s miles Instagram? Well, permit’s check some of the data.

Over ⅓ of Instagram users have used Instagram to buy a product on line, making them 70% more likely to do so than non-Instagram users.

Now, allow’s smash this down a bit bit.

We stated earlier that there are over 1 billion month-to-month lively customers on Instagram…

…so ⅓ of them might mean as a minimum 333,333,333 Instagram customers have used Instagram to purchase a product online!

Before diving into the alternative advantages of Instagram and its person base.

We wanted to point out the sheer volume of capacity customers which might be just ready to interact with your emblem.

These aren’t simply fans; those are human beings who have a history of buying at the Instagram platform.

Their subsequent buy on Instagram might be from your enterprise!

In addition to this, seventy five% of Instagram customers take action, along with touring a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising and marketing post.

Now, an Instagram marketing put up (or an Instagram ad) is exceptional than an natural put up you’d post on your Instagram account.

An Instagram advert is a post that you sponsor with advertising bucks in order that it reaches greater human beings.

This statistic is announcing seventy five% of Instagram customers take an motion on these ads, inclusive of clicking the Shop Now or Contact Us buttons.

Even if these humans do now not buy on the primary click, the action remains precious due to the fact…

…you may retarget them with Instagram ads from that point on until they do purchase!

2. Advanced Targeting Options

Instagram’s advert platform has get right of entry to to the maximum advanced social media marketing targeting options available.

We’ve established how many Instagram customers there are and how possibly they are to buy, so allow’s talk approximately a way to leverage this statistics in your advantage.

As stated previously, Instagram became offered out via Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a few years lower back.

Due to this, Instagram’s competencies rapidly broadened to start matching Facebook’s competencies.

Facebook is known for having one of the most superior social media advertising and marketing platforms.

You can put it on the market to humans by using age, hobbies, behavior, and place on Facebook, this means that you may now do the equal on Instagram.

What this indicates for you is that you can hone in to your specific target market inside the 333,333,333 Instagram customers who are already in all likelihood to purchase.

In addition to the cold concentrated on alternatives indexed above, Instagram has the equal widespread retargeting talents that Facebook does!

Here, cold targeting refers to people who have by no means seen or heard of your emblem and enterprise before.

They’re cold and need to be “warmed up” so one can come to be a consumer and optimistically repeat purchaser.

Retargeting approach targeting humans once more who’ve by some means already seen or heard of your logo and commercial enterprise.

The most commonplace shape of retargeting is focused on your website site visitors who haven’t made a buy yet…

…(or filled out a touch us shape, or finished something movement you’re wanting them to take in your web site).

Instagram gives this and extra!

You can create custom retargeting audiences based on Instagram submit engagement, customer e mail lists, Instagram video perspectives, and more.

You’d be amazed to examine that different social media structures which have been mounted for loads longer.

Simply do not have a number of the targeting competencies that Instagram now has.

Having those alternatives permits you to take your Instagram advertising strategy to the subsequent degree.

And, put into effect a particular income funnel along with your Instagram commercials to attain extra results.

three. Trackability

Sales and leads are trackable through Instagram advertisements so you can see clear ROI.

This advantage of Instagram may also appear apparent, however you’d be amazed at what number of groups put money into structures without gauging the effectiveness of it!

Since Instagram uses the equal Ads Manager platform as Facebook, it has all of the same monitoring capabilities that Facebook has.

You can see the whole lot from link clicks to results in conversions, and you may see the price per result on any campaign you run.

This manner relying on what goal or intention you’re measuring, you can continually see how many results you done and at what value.

In addition to this, you could break down the outcomes you receive to look who or in which they got here from (i.e. which gender, which age range, which location, which tool, and many others.).

Having this information lets in you to apprehend where your cash is going to exceptional be invested.

At LYFE, we continually A/B cut up take a look at advertisements and ad units for our clients.

A/B cut up checking out means jogging a group of various advertisements on the equal time to see which goes to perform the fine.

We additionally check those ads in extraordinary advert sets to peer which target audience + advert aggregate is going to offer our clients…

…the maximum outcomes at the lowest fee in line with result.

Instagram’s analytics and monitoring abilties are what make A/B split trying out efforts not best worth it however quite effective.

Tracking metrics is one of the maximum vital benefits of Instagram.

It’s crucial to sincerely see which advert and ad set is bringing inside the most sales, and business proprietors can see this with Instagram advertisements. 

four. Extra Features For Business Profiles

Like Facebook, Instagram differentiates bills by means of private debts and commercial enterprise accounts.

If you switch your account into a enterprise account, you may free up a international of capabilities to assist promote your business.

Some of those functions include having a call-to-motion button on your page traffic, the capacity to promote your posts with ad greenbacks, and get right of entry to to account insights.

It also offers Instagram users a clear know-how that the page they are on is owned via a enterprise and isn’t only a private Instagram page.

Making this adjustment permits you to set your account up for success to reap all of the blessings of Instagram.

five. Ability To Reach Untapped Customers

We mentioned in advance that there are over 1 billion Instagram customers who’re lively at the platform as a minimum once a day.

And at the least 333,333,333 of them are actively shopping especially via Instagram commercials and profiles.

If your commercial enterprise isn’t always present on Instagram, are you able to ensure that you’re achieving them?

50% of Instagrammers actively visit the profile of a business every day, however your enterprise will now not be one in all them in case you don’t have an Instagram account!

Think of Instagram as a hand or extension of your company.

The more present you are on Instagram, the extra present you will be in your ability clients on Instagram.

6. Quality Brand Building

One of the beauties of Instagram is that it has all of the paid advertising and marketing capabilities of Facebook.

But it has some thing similarly to this that Facebook does not have: natural capability.

When we discuss with organic functions, we mean the actions you can perform or results that…

…you may obtain without having to immediately pay for them in advertising and marketing dollars.

On Facebook, in case you want to build the range of lovers (or fans) that your commercial enterprise page has, you need to pay for them with Facebook ads.

On Instagram, you may construct your fans organically.

This lets in for a very herbal courting to arise between your logo and your fans from the start rather than forcing the reference to paid commercials.

It’s like a grassroots motion that takes impact wherein the extra followers you have got, the greater others start to comply with you.

That natural, word-of-mouth kind follower boom is valuable, particularly for more moderen businesses.

In addition to some thing efforts you placed forth into constructing your followers, 50% of Instagrammers comply with manufacturers besides!

This method that half of of the 800 million people on the Instagram platform are mainly more likely to follow your logo just for being on Instagram.

When a purchaser follows your brand on Instagram, they are making the active choice to look your posts on their timeline moving forward.

This shows strong, preliminary interest on their part, and you could hold to build the relationship from there!

7. Better Brand-Follower Relationships

Another one of the benefits of Instagram being an natural platform is that you may see a variety of engagement on your posts without having to pay for it.

This method that you may strengthen your courting with your followers and ability customers, all at no greater fee to you.

Engagement with manufacturers on Instagram is 10 instances higher than Facebook, fifty four instances better than Pinterest, and 84 instances higher than Twitter.

Additionally, Instagram users “like” three.five billion instances per day.

With this form of engagement rate, you could anticipate your ever-growing follower base to have interaction along with your posts increasingly more, free of charge!

Whether they’re liking the publish or commenting on it, they’re making the decision to engage with your submit which shows hobby to your emblem.

Specifically inside Instagram, as soon as you want a publish, it gets archived under your profile settings underneath “Posts You’ve Liked.”

This means that Instagram customers who like your agency’s posts are simultaneously saving your posts…

…to their bank of favored images that they could reference on every occasion they select!

Businesses can capitalize in this possibility to stimulate communique and remark again without delay with their followers.

On Instagram, you can use the @ signal to tag customers and reply at once lower back to someone who both liked the photograph or commented at the publish.

The extra transparent and responsive a logo is with its followers on Instagram, the more consider is built between that logo and its potential clients.

The more agree with a patron has with a brand, the much more likely they may be to purchase from them over competitors.

eight. Understanding Your Customer Base

How a whole lot do you simply understand approximately your client base? Sure, they is probably among the a while of 25-fifty four, but what’s their sense of humor like?

What are their pet peeves?

Whether you’re a startup that has the entirety to find out about exactly who your target market is.

Or, whether or not you’re a seasoned organisation that’s simply new to Instagram.

There’s constantly going to be room to research more approximately your target market.

It’s crucial to recollect that a goal marketplace is extra than simply an audience with statistical demographics and behaviors.

A goal marketplace is constituted of actual people, so your advertising efforts should live as fluid and flexible as they are to live in front of them.

Having stated that, Instagram is a splendid tool for studying the ever-converting likes and dislikes of your consumer base and followers.

You can see what kind of content material they prefer exceptional and are drawn to, and which they aren’t.

You can see which debts they prefer to comply with and which they don’t.

This records may be crucial to recognise as you create content in your Instagram account, however it’s additionally treasured to recognize in your advertising strategy as an entire!

9. Visual Appeal

One of the main advantages of Instagram that separates it from all other social media platforms is that it’s photo-centric.

Unlike other social media web sites, Instagram is comprised entirely of pictures and movies that can be observed by using textual content, but the textual content is not mandatory.

This is beneficial to you because maximum human beings bear in mind greater of what they see than what they read or hear!

Additionally, videos have a tendency to outperform snap shots on social media on the subject of engagement and results.

But each videos and images outperform social media posts with out both.

This instantly offers Instagram the leg up on other social media structures that don’t require one of the two to put up!

Having a image or video-centric platform lets in your fans to don’t forget your brand betters, and it makes them more likely to engage with your content.

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Both of those factors bring your followers on Instagram one step toward a purchase.

10. Easy Coordination With Your Other Marketing Efforts

One of the largest advantages of Instagram is that you can take all of the statistics and statistics you accumulate from it…

…and use it throughout all of your different advertising efforts.

All of the website visitors you send from Instagram can be retargeted on different structures as nicely inclusive of Facebook, Google, etc.

You can even use your Instagram posts to sell different marketing efforts you have occurring and vice versa!

Cross-selling channels and advertising and marketing efforts let you amplify the attain of that channel and inspire existing fans to maintain track of your brand on other platforms.

The extra touchpoints your brand has with a patron, the more likely they are to purchase from you over competition!


Those are the top 10 benefits of Instagram for commercial enterprise!

While constructing your Instagram can encompass loads of hard paintings, the blessings of Instagram are worth the attempt in the long run!

Interested in letting the exerts at our Instagram advertising employer do the difficult work so that you can gain the rewards? Contact us today!

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