Popular Types of Cell Phones

If you are looking to purchase an iPhone, it can be difficult knowing what style and model to choose. The number of choices can often leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. In this article I will discuss several popular styles and models of iPhones that are currently on the market today. At the end of this article, I will offer my recommendations for the best type of iPhone case to protect your precious phone.


One of the most desirable and newest generation of cell phones, the iPhone is widely accepted as one of the most advanced and versatile electronic devices available on the market today. While the primary attraction of the iPhone lies in its high-tech hardware and applications, there are also many user-friendly features that make using the iPhone easy and intuitive. Since the introduction of the iPod in 2021, Apple has continually attempted to distinguish itself from other mobile devices by adding intuitive features to its devices. Unlike earlier iPod products, the iPhone has a built-in fingerprint sensor, making it even easier to enter contact information, play music, and access many of the same apps available to iPods.

As of late, Apple has attempted to ride the iPhone bandwagon by releasing a smaller version of the device called the iPhone SE. Unlike the iPhone, the SE is not manufactured by Apple and therefore is not subject to any additional licensing or production restrictions. However, like all other new smartphones, the SE is limited to running on the specific GSM carrier that it was designed for (i.e. T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon).