What Are Riview Phone Systems?

The Riview Phone System is a brand new product from Riviwind, which enables the owner to keep his business communications in sync with the latest technological innovations. This new phone has all the features of other good telephone systems but at an affordable price. It also provides the owner with a number of value-added options that can be used to enhance the phone’s performance and user experience. These extra services include a personal digital assistant (PDA), a call forwarding system, a call waiting system and a virtual PABX line. With this phone system, an owner of a business can ensure that the people working for him have the latest versions of all his important software applications, and that he gets a good response whenever he makes a call to them.

riview phone

The Riview Phone System can be installed within minutes. There are no installation difficulties or technical problems to contend with. All the required drivers and software modules for this system are easily available. It can work even when the user is on the move since it connects to a global network of ISDN and IP phones. Even when the user is on the road, the PDA can be installed into the car’s computer system so that it can still make and receive calls even when the car is switched off.

This phone system allows the user to use his office phone number and the Internet to make calls, even when he is out of the office. One doesn’t have to take his laptop with him whenever he makes a call since he can simply use the PDA as if it were his laptop. The PDA also enables one to keep in touch with his employees. Since it uses the same number as the company’s main phone number, the system can be used to establish long-distance connections. For companies that run multiple outlets, the Riview Phone System can be used to route calls between different employee locations.